Provider and Hospital Services

Our services for providers include treatment Preauthorization, Denial Rebuttals/ Appeals, Denial Management, Medical Record and Medical-Legal Reviews, Potential Treatment Options, and Chart Reviews to help reduce cost and free up valuable clinician time


Prior authorizations are becoming a source of more frustration among physicians and staff than any other administrative process.

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Denial Rebuttals / Appeals

Medical necessity denials continue to grow at an alarming rate, resulting in loss of revenue, and reduced patient and attorney satisfaction.

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Medical Record and Medical-Legal Reviews

We develop succinct abstracts, chronological indexing and documentation, based on a comprehensive review of the patient’s medical history and records.

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Treatment Options

Reviewing a large volume of medical records is a time consuming ask for most providers.

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Medical Chart Reviews

We provide detailed clinical chart reviews to support quality improvement initiatives and standardization of care across the practice.

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